About Made On Earth

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Legendary for its fair trade philosophy, commitment to community and social justice, with a deep passion for offerings that reveal Spiritual Truths.

Products are of our own design, as well as those of our international vendor favorites.

We bring Love to all our purchases and business decisions, insuring that the vibrations of this love reach everyone we have the honor to touch, including YOU. 

Meet the Goddesses 


Nancy fell in love with Wolfeboro, bought a home here and started a new phase in her life.  Finding Made on Earth seemed like Karma and fit right into the plan!  She brings her skills from a career in Administration to a new direction in retail, not to mention channeling her inner child when creating clothing displays!  Who knew all those years of playing with Barbie dolls would come in handy one day!  The loving mission of Made on Earth resonates with all who have a place here and makes our store truly a welcoming, comforting place to be.  Come see us and let us help you find that special something, for yourself or a loved one, that will make your occasion even more meaningful.

Art Director