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How It All Began…..

How it all began! Well I have to be truthful here, it was to save my relationship with my husband!

Truth is, after opening our first store, also in downtown Wolfeboro in 1988, Stay Tuned, we realized working and sleeping together just wasn’t that great! Those that know me know that although I still hold a bit of the tendency,in my more mature years, but in those days I was a full on control freak! That had its benefits for opening and operating a business but for a marriage, not so much.

Tom knew music inside and out and that was Stay Tuned. I loved the bohemian clothing and jewelry world. I also had a strong desire to develop my spiritual growth in the area outside of organized religion and there wasn’t a place in town I knew that supported that at the time. And then of course my love of travel and deep desire to make a difference in the lives of others. How else to combine all that, but to offer a store, or more accurately, an experience, in the guise of a store that would support all this and more! Thus the birth of Made on Earth in 1994.

It wasn’t always easy. We were seen as cultish by some who had limited understanding of the broader aspects of the Spiritual. We were seen as hippies because of the bohemian flare and possibly even “pot” smokers! LOL! Wolfeboro, didn’t have anything quite like us before, except of course our original Stay Tuned which had a huge Grateful Dead overtone…. Definitely a “head” shop we heard folks say!

It wasn’t always easy but it was always rewarding and mostly always fun in those days.

Highlights of those first few year learning the travel ropes:

Our first trip to Bali with Tom and our son, sleeping with sarongs over our faces because the geckos on the ceiling were so big and well, you know what they do in the middle of the night….and then there was the time we left Bali for India and I realized when we arrived I had only bought a one way ticket…oops. That was long before the days of popping on your phone and getting one in an instant.

Since then we have upgraded the lodging and only missed one flight in 23 years!

We have supported countless family business in our beloved Bali and fostered relationships in many other areas of the world. We have helped 100’s of children and their families afford education through our Non-Profit, The Bali Education Fund that ran from 2005-2015. We currently are providing university fees for a lovely Nepalese young woman, the first in her family to attend university.

We have brought to our little conservative town a taste of something more exotic, a little on the edge and lots of culture. Not only in product but in the countless workshops and dinners we have hosted.

My personal Spiritual journey became more important as I got older and although we hosted many events and gathering in our upstairs space over the years, officially it became Sacred Shared Space in 2013. Hiring the lovely Raecine Ardis as manager, I have been able to devote more time to that and find it to be where my excitement lies these days. I find the journey inward, discovering all the blocks to love, of myself and others, to be one of the most exciting and challenging trips I have ever taken!

It has been an amazing 29 years since we first open Made on Earth’s sister store, Stay Tuned and through that time we have been touched deeply and supported by a beautiful community, faithful customers and long lasting relationships both near and far.

I can only say it has been an amazing fulfilling journey in so many ways and although there are days I’d rather not be behind that counter, I am deeply, deeply grateful for all that is Made on Earth!

Love’s Light,

Mary Beth